Photos: man who tried to steal ATM with a forklift

man who tried to steal ATM with a forklift

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is hoping you can help them identify the man who attempted to steal an ATM from a Banner Bank early Wednesday morning. 

Security cameras from a nearby car wash show what appears to be a white Ford pickup pulling up and then the suspect stealing a forklift from the car wash and driving away. 

About 200 yards away at Banner Bank, a witness told police he heard tires screeching and saw a white pickup hooked up to an ATM by chains trying to pull it.

"There was a forklift parked near the ATM and the witness assumed it was a construction worker working on the machine until he observed the suspect get out of the truck, got into the forklift and ram the ATM machine several times," the Sheriff's Office said. "The suspect also tried to pick the ATM machine up with the forklift but was unsuccessful.  The witness began to drive toward the suspect but the suspect got in the white pickup and drove away."

The ATM is a loss, with damages estimated to be approximately $40,000. The Sheriff's Office says the suspect did not appear to get away with any money. 

The suspect was described as an adult male, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and a green construction type reflective vest. 

The pickup is described as a white, possibly Ford F150 with a black driver’s door and a gray passenger door. 

"Although the picture of the suspect is not of the highest quality, the description of the truck is unique. Investigators are hoping someone can help identify the suspect and/or provide a location or license plate for the vehicle."

Back on October 16, someone tried to use a tractor to steal an ATM in northwest Spokane. 

Anyone who has information regarding this crime or can help locate the suspect or his vehicle is urged to call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233, reference #10143477.

(story:; photos: Spokane County Sheriff's Office)

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