How to make sure your carved pumpkin lasts until Halloween


GREEN BLUFF, Wash. -To carve or not to carve? That’s a question many Halloween lovers are asking right now.

We all know what happens when you carve too soon: the inside of your perfect Jack-O’-Lantern turns black, and the face starts to melt.

Now that Halloween is less than a week away, you’re probably in the clear. But just to be safe, there are a couple of things you can do that will guarantee your pumpkin will last longer. And it will only take you 20 seconds each morning.

Owner of Walter’s Fruit Ranch, Jason Morrell, says wipe the condensation off of your pumpkin, particularly in the area that sinks-in around the stem.

“The condensation will stick on top of the stem and sit there,” said Morrell. “If you dry it off it will last two weeks.”

Morrell also says when carving, get as much of the insides out as possible.

“Get all the gunk out and all the seeds and slime and soft stuff,” said Morrell. “It leaves a nice hard skin and your pumpkin is going to last longer.”

This weekend is the last weekend to get a pumpkin at Green Bluff before Halloween.

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