Hidden property stolen on the South Hill


SPOKANE, Wash. -On Tuesday night Sunshine Hanson's husband a cycling enthusiast noticed something wasn't right when he found their car jack on the sidewalk. 

They checked their backyard and sure enough no bikes.  "One is a rare bike. it's a Merlin Titanium racing bike, so that's very uncommon around here."  

The Merlin doesn't have any paint on it, it's very light and has thin racing tires on it; his bike is valued at $2,500. The other bike worth about a grand.

Both bikes were being stored against the back of a shed. Sunshine thinks the thief walked up the embankment saw an opportunity and took it,  “It's just too bad it was so well hidden, and it's still our bad because it still was obviously accessible, but we thought it was so well hidden but lesson learned.”

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