Retired Spokane K9 Laslo shows off his pups

puppy of retired Spokane K9 Laslo (CLICK HERE for more photos)

We all know what a stud K9 Laslo is.

All you have to do is search for Laslo on and you'll find tales upon tales of him taking down bad dudes (he caught 4 on his last night on the job), but now Laslo is an actual stud and he has the pups to prove it. 

In September, we found out that Laslo's "girlfriend" was pregnant and he was expecting 9 pups! On Tuesday, we finally got a look at the litter up close and they are a chip (bark?) off the old block.


Laslo is retired now, but it looks like he has his paws full raising these new pups. One of the puppies is even going to follow in his father's footsteps and become a police dog! 

We're told out of the nine, only three are left and they are $2000 each. 

Follow Laslo and his retired life on Facebook for more. 

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