Property owner considers fighting vandalism with art


SPOKANE, Wash. -One property owner is at his wit’s end as his building is vandalized again.

Don Parkins is one of the owners of the Bluz at the Bend building. He says over the course of a weekend, people had tagged his building. But this isn’t the only thing he’s been dealing with – someone’s been dumping trash in his parking lot.

The reason why this is such another blow is because he had to deal with a crazy break-in back in June. He went on vacation and believes the burglars stayed for multiple days inside the building, destroying the plumbing, making their own food, and even cutting the wires to and stealing the surveillance cameras. There was about $50,000 worth of damages.

But, even though he’s got most of the inside cleaned up, “every time we think we're two steps ahead we go two steps backwards,” Parkins says.

That’s because the outside is getting vandalized and he’s had to repaint multiple times.

“That gets expensive, very expensive,” he says.

So to combat this, Don is asking for the help of an artist to paint a mural.

“I understand that people won't tag over artwork and if there are people out there who have artistic values and want to come and do some beautiful artwork on the building. I invite them to do so,” he says.

If you are dealing with a graffiti issue, you can report it to the city of Spokane. Here’s more information:

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