Spokane family's dog finds bag of mysterious substance


One Spokane family has a message for the community: “Check your yards.” That’s because on Saturday morning, they discovered something pretty disturbing in their backyard.

This happened near Chief Garry Park. Shane Brynelsen took his dogs out Saturday morning and was watching them play, when his service dog came over to him with a bag in her mouth.

“Anything she finds that she knows they’re not supposed to have or they’re not allowed to play with she brings to me,” he says.

It looked to be some type of white powder. His immediate thought was that it was some type of drug. He says it could’ve been a lot worse if one of his other dogs got into it.

“If our two pitties would’ve gotten it, they would have ate it and died,” he says. “And our neighbors over there they got kids so we told them to check their yards.”

That’s his main message – be careful and be vigilant.

Shane is still unsure what was in the bag. He says it was likely thrown over the fence into his yard between Friday night and Saturday morning. If you know anything, call Crime Check 509-456-2233.

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