Wedding theft turns into prostitution sting


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -What started as an investigation into two wedding thieves, turned into the discovery of a prostitution operation.

You might remember back in August, a couple that crashed a wedding at the Mirabeau Park Hotel. A box filled with wedding gifts and cards were gone. Eventually, Sierra and Josh Davies were arrested for it.

Josh remains in the Spokane County Jail, facing 22 charges ranging from theft to money laundering.

Sierra is facing brand new charges: prostitution. According to documents, deputies found a detailed ledger from the couple that shows they may have intended to kill and extort clients.

According to court documents, Sierra solicited to an undercover Spokane County Sheriff detective last month. A detective found Sierra advertising her services on The detective posted himself as a potential client, and him and Sierra agreed to meet at the Crossland hotel in Spokane Valley where she was arrested.

Sierra told detectives that she was there at the hotel to play board games. They found her bag had heroine and lingerie inside.  The man who drove her to the hotel, 22-year-old Glen Bell was also arrested. However, Bell told detectives that he takes her to hotels to give massages and admitted that she likely engaged in sex acts.

KHQ reached out to Sierra, Josh and Glen. Sierra and Josh declined an interview. Glen might once he's out of jail.

Deputies also recovered a stolen handgun from Bell. He claimed that he found it in an alleyway. According to court documents, the gun belongs to someone in North Idaho.   

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