SCRAPS and Police investigate possible cat luring attempt

possible cat luring attempt A possible attempted cat luring is being investigated by SCRAPS and Spokane Police that occurred on N. Gustavus and Wellesley in Spokane.

A witness says that he watched a vehicle pull over in an odd way that caught his attention. "There was no question in my mind that they were going to steal somebody's pet," said witness Steve Christiansen. He says the person in the vehicle rolled down the window and started talking to a young black cat and then lured the cat over with what looked like a treat, picked the cat up and put it in the car. The cat actually managed to jump out of the car moments later.

Authorities have been given the description of the two people in the vehicle and the license plate number of the blue Toyota they were driving.

SCRAPS says they do not believe this incident is related to the north Spokane cat mutilations. 

(story: Andrea Olson, KHQ Local News Producer/Reporter,; photo: Spokane Police Department)

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