Controversy over mannequin's outfit


SPOKANE, Wash. -Meet Pearl she sits outside of devil's brew coffee on north division, and her scandalous outfit has this passerby, passing up the business as being too offensive "In my opinion, I find it inappropriate." Said Sean Arquette.

The reason? Sean is the father of a little girl and he and doesn't think pearl should be flaunting plastic like that. “I have a four-year-old daughter she's just now starting to understand body parts and stuff like that and really don't want her thinking that's ok you know for woman to be walking around like that," Sean said

Devil's Brew sits just across the street from Franklin Park where kids like to climb on the playscape, and it's only a couple blocks away from Madison Elementary. I spoke with the manager at Devil's Brew, and she said they were expecting blowback from the public "oh yeah we anticipated the backlash being across the park like this being in between the mall."  Said Jenna Briggs Manager of Devil’s Brew. 

Jenna says they understand it's family oriented, but if Pearl isn't out holding her sign, they lose business “we put her out here it brings in so many more customers we leave her inside for a day, or we'll leave her in on the weekends, and our tills go down." Sean understands that it's a business ploy but says that Pearl could cover up "I think a little more subtlety would go a long way, but business is business, but at the same time you also have to be more subtle about certain types of businesses."

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