Bear necessities needed for WSU grizzly research

WSU grizzly bears You've heard about the Washington State Cougars, but what about their grizzly bears?

WSU's Bear Research, Education, and Conservation Center is the only grizzly bear research center of its kind in the United States.

Because few zoos have the resources or sufficient number of bears to obtain meaningful data on the species, the center was established.

Right now students are banding together to make life better for the bears and they're asking for your help.

One year ago, two Wildlife Ecology undergraduate students decided to put their heads together and creat a life changing project.

The project plans to change the lives of the university's 7 adults and 4 cubs.

The grizzly bears are being held in a research facility that was originally built to house primates, and the students say it is too small for them.

They say the animals are providing us with so much information that will not only help their species, but ours as well.      

And that's why they deserve to be living a more comfortable life.

The students have started a gofundme and are aiming for 25 million dollars to build a state of the art facility for the bears.

To learn more about the WSU Bear Center, click here.

To contribute to the fundraiser for the bears, click here.

(story: Lexi Perry, Producer,; photo:

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