Party in vacant Moses Lake house goes up in smoke

underage vacant house party bustedIn the words of Seinfeld's Kenny Bania, "That's Gold, MLPD! Gold!"

The Moses Lake Police Department dropped another hilarious post on Facebook as a sequel to their previous one. It did not disappoint. 

The department titled this tale "Underage Party in Vacant House Goes Up in Smoke." 

This past weekend, officers received a call about suspicious people at a vacant home. It wasn't just a few people, either. Turns out it was about 50 teenagers and young adults partying in the house with only a single lamp lighting the entire party. That single lamp was powered by an extension cord plugged into a neighbor's house. 

"The light, however, was no match for the cloud of marijuana smoke hanging in the house, and the red solo cups littering the floor," the department said. "Due to the stealth of the officers, or maybe just the impaired reaction time of the party-goers, officers were able to surround the house without being detected."

After getting into position, officers announced their presence outside the house, which resulted in the party-goers looking like "stoned ants on a sugar pile, as they scrambled to hide contraband." 

In all, officers spent 3 hours processing the 51 people inside the home and released minors to parents. Trespassing, alcohol and marijuana charges will be filed with the Prosecutor's Office for those who illegally possessed those substances. 

Officers say the "instigator/planner" of the party was booked into Grant County Juvenile for Burglary and Furnishing Alcohol to Minors. 

The department capped off the post with the hashtags #DazedAndConfusedByTheFlashlights #DudeNoWayTheyWillFindUsHere #AndTheyWereAllGoingToDriveHome

That's Gold, MLPD! Gold! 

(story:; photo: Moses Lake Police Department)

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