Accused Cheney murderer provides information on second killing


SPOKANE, Wash. -It's been roughly one month since a Cheney man was murdered, at random, as he ate lunch inside his car. Cameron Smith's body was recovered days after the fatal shooting. Donavon Culps provided a full confession to the killing, and now he's providing information that he says will solve two other Washington murders.

"I did it out of love," Culps told KHQ's Hayley Guenthner about the other murder he says he committed. "I did it out of revenge."

Felina Metsker's family said she was adored by all who knew her. She was a sister, a daughter, and shared a child with Culps. She vanished back in 2016. Her remains were recovered weeks later near White Swan on the Yakima Indian Reservation. Culps claims he knew her killer and just after Felina's murder, overheard him talking about the crime. Culps told Hayley Guenthner that he told the man he didn't believe it, but then claims the man showed him proof.

"He took me out to her trailer and she was laying there dead with a blanket over her," Culps said. "Blood everywhere."

Culps said he wanted to hurt the man right then and there, but said fears that the child he shared with Felina was also in danger took over. He said once he made sure the child was okay, he focused on the man he believes killed Felina.

"I set out to do what a man should do," he said.

And this past summer, Culps said he did.

"I met him at the water tower near Medicine Valley," he said. "I stabbed him (three times.) I slit his throat. As soon as he got there, he seen it in my eyes. He got scared. I was there for one thing and one thing only."

And that was to kill him, Culps said. Culps told Hayley Guenthner he left the man's body out in the elements, similar to the way he believes the man disposed of Felina.

Hayley asked Culps if the man ever told him why he allegedly killed Felina?

"I didn't give him the chance to say anything," Culps responded.

Culps said he is filled with regret for what he did to Cameron Smith. The same cannot be said for his first alleged victim.

"He was evil," he said.

Felina's loved ones told KHQ on Tuesday that the past several months have been awful and they "miss her every day." They said they lean on each other to get by.

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