Spokane ER nurses send pizza to Las Vegas hospital


SPOKANE, Wash. -It’s been two weeks since the deadly shooting in Las Vegas. The community here is still looking for a way to help.

One Spokane nurse and her coworkers found one way last Thursday.

Crystal Burris works at the ER at Sacred Heart. She and her coworker were talking about what they could do to help in Las Vegas.

“It was just a little too close to home when the shooting in Vegas happened,” she says. “We like Vegas. We go to Vegas. And we're also ER nurses. So we thought immediately when we saw the news of the shooting , that could've been us.”

Sunrise Hospital took in nearly 200 patients after the shooting. Some of them remain in the hospital, and some still in critical condition.

So, Crystal and her coworkers came up with the idea to raise some money to send the hospital staff there some pizza.  They never imagined how many donations would come in. In the end, they got $1,200, enough for 21 30-inch pizzas, sandwiches, and salads, all sent to the ER staff at the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. Crystal later found out that some of the food was shared with the victims and their families.

“It's meant the world,” she says.

Crystal just hopes that their gesture shows that the community here in Spokane is still thinking of them and that we all are Vegas Strong. 

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