Fifth cat found mutilated in North Spokane


SPOKANE, Wash. -Jim Barrington of North Spokane has one question for his beloved cat Buddy, "What the heck happened Buddy?"

Last Thursday morning Jim Barrington let Buddy out of the house early that morning for Buddy's daily routine "He didn't come back by the time I went to work and he didn't come back in by the time my wife left for work. "Jim came back home at 7:30 that morning and as he was driving up his street seeing something he thought he would never see in his life "I saw him laying down on the lawn. I knew he was dead I pull in the driveway walk over there and see just half of him there."

The photos are too graphic to broadcast. Only the back end of Buddy has been found and the other half has not. This is the fifth case in Spokane since August. SCRAPS says some of the cats were missing organs muscles and bones. Jim is just devastated and he and his wife do not feel safe after what happened to buddy “you hear about this stuff a lot and in this neighborhood I mean were not even feeling safe to be honest with you.

If you have any information regarding these cat killings you are urged to call SCRAPS (509) 477-2532. 

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