East Sprague businesses targeted by vandalism


SPOKANE, Wash. -After several months of enduring construction some businesses on East Sprague are just getting back on their feet and artist Sienna Jacobson is frustrated “We just moved down here from the garland district last year. So we were still trying to recover from the move and then the construction hit us and now this.”

During construction Tiger Tattoo lost 30 to 40 percent of their walk in customers but regular customers were able to keep them afloat “were going to keep working and keep doing what we do but stuff like this isn't making it any easier," Sienna said.

The city of Spokane spent nearly 4.3 million dollars to rebuild East Sprague avenue. Repaving the roads, adding trees, sidewalks and a new water main. East Sprague was closed for about five months. But was reopened a month ago. 

The city is trying to revitalize that area that had a less than steller reputation. Ken Dawson is a co-owner of R.K. Appliance and Service which is next to Tiger Tattoo and had his windows etched as well "It's upsetting cause they came and did all this road work and got it all nice and everything and something like this happens..'

Sienna Jacobson says it's going to cost a pretty penny to replace that glass "at least 900 dollars maybe more." Tiger Tattoo is planning on replacing the window but like many other businesses are asking for the vandalism to stop.

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