Spokane leaders stand up against hate after shooting

Spokane Police Department badgeCity leaders held a news conference on Wednesday to address the recent act of hate in our community.

On Sunday, a woman’s house was shot up eight or nine times on North Wiscomb Avenue. The victim told police that the suspect had called him racial slurs, punched him in the face, and threatened him with a gun before the shooting.

Police arrested Jason E. Cooper and Donald L. Prichard for the shooting. Officers say Cooper made statements and had markings that indicated his support of white supremacy.

Thankfully, no one was injured in that shooting, but city leaders met up Wednesday to make sure that Spokane knew they stood united against this hate.

Spokane police chief Craig Meidl says this doesn’t represent Spokane and they take crimes like this seriously. The detectives worked for nearly 24 hours straight to bring a resolution to this case.

“When we see incidents like this occur, we’re going to throw every resource at it that we can,” Meidl says.

He also adds that this is a reminder of how important it is that people report crimes like this.

(story: Katie Chen, KHQ.com; image: Spokane Police Department)

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