Spokane woman breaks in via doggy door, pets dog

Spokane woman breaks in via doggy doorA mother in the Five Mile neighborhood came home from dinner and a grocery run Sunday night to a stranger petting her dog. She believes the woman broke in through a doggy door.

Because the act was so bold and unusual, the victim has asked we don’t identify her. She said she left her house well-lit with an SUV in the driveway. She never thought she would be targeted.

"I'm not letting go of that very well right now," she said.

The woman also believes the suspect came in armed with dog treats. She said her pup Zeus is normally very loud but was calm when she walked in.

"He looks intimidating and he will bark," she said. "He barks, barks, barks."

She said she was home a "good 10 minutes" before she saw the suspect in the corner of her living room, petting her dog.

"It's that feeling of being violated," she said.

The victim ran out of her home and called 911 from outside. She said she could still see the female suspect going through her home room by room with a flashlight. Police responded quickly and arrested 30-year-old Kristen Ashley Morris. She's facing a charge of residential burglary.

The family had a security system installed Monday afternoon. 

(story: Hayley Guenthner, KHQ Local News Anchor & Reporter; photo: KHQ.com)

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