Men impersonated police officers in north Spokane

Spokane Police are investigating a report that two men entered a home near Northtown Mall claiming to be Spokane Police Officers. 

Officer Joshua Laiva says the incident happened on during the middle of the day on September 29th on North Addison. Two white men, one in his 50's wearing slacks and a button up shirt, and one in his 30's wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, tried to pass themselves off as police officers to get into a home. 

One of the men displayed a wallet with a flip out badge and told the homeowner there were burglaries in the area. The men then asked to come into the house and look around. The homeowner let them in and they both walked around the residence with one of them taking notes. They left after a few minutes but also tried to contact other homes in the area. 

"Spokane Police would like to remind the public that when acting in an official capacity, Officers and Detectives will routinely display a badge and have an identification card available upon request," Officer Laiva stated in a press release. "Uniformed Officers will display the city patches on both arms, wearing either a jump suit or wool style uniform.  Detectives and Plain Clothes Officers will display the Spokane Police badge along with an identification card."

SPD says officers will not come to your house and simply ask to "look around." 

"Spokane Police Officers can respond to your residence to complete a safety check, however that is only upon your request.  All of the Patrol Officers have GPS in their vehicles which update the dispatchers with their locations.  If you ever have any question as to the legitimacy of the Police Officers you have contact with please call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233."

Below are pictures of the badge and the patch specifically used by the Spokane Police Department.  The badge and patches will be easily identifiable as being the City of Spokane:

Spokane Police badges

(story:; images: Spokane Police Department)

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