Longboarding Pullman officer is the coolest

Longboarding Pullman Police officer Greg Umbright with Catherine MorseA Pullman Police officer is getting attention Wednesday thanks to a Facebook post by a thankful citizen.

Catherine Morse posted a selfie with Officer Greg Umbright. In the photo, Officer Umbright is holding a long board. Morse wrote in the caption for the photo, "Shout out to pullman pd! My longboard was stolen and officer Umbright lent me his personal board! #Pullman"

How cool is that?

It's all in a day's work for Officer Umbright though. He was named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in 2012. He's been an officer for more than 30 years and with Pullman PD for more than 20.

In a release about his Officer of the Year Award, Chief Gary Jenkins explained, "Officer Umbright was selected for the award due to his positive interactions with the public and his selfless approach to his duties. Officer Umbright embraces the community policing model by contacting citizens and promoting positive relationships between the department and the community. He consistently makes the personal effort to make each citizen contact a positive experience for the public, and to be as helpful to them as possible."

Clearly, that's still the case in 2017.

KHQ reached out to Officer Umbright to see if the stolen long board has been found, and to try to find how long he's been bringing a long board to work with him, but they haven't heard back yet.

Nice work, Officer Umbright!  

(story: Matt Pusatory, KHQ Local News Web Producer, KHQ.com; photo: Catherine Morse)

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