Docs: Accused Freeman shooter acted on coin flip

accused Freeman shooter Caleb SharpeIn documents released on Wednesday, accused Freeman High School shooter Caleb Sharpe told detectives he decided to commit the crime based on a coin flip. 

Sharpe told detectives he decided to bring guns to school and shoot students the day before when he flipped a coin. 

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"Heads meant he would do it (shoot students at the school) and tails meant he would not do it and never think about it again, but the coin landed on heads," according to court documents released on Wednesday. While searching Caleb's room after the shooting, detectives found two coins, a quarter that was tail side up and a penny that was head side up. 

Detectives also found a notebook in his room with several handwritten notes and drawings, including "what was clearly the upstairs hallway of Freeman High School."

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"They will be my slaves in the afterlife", "Killing is fun and I enjoy it", "I'm smarter than the cops", and "Did you figure out my name yet?" were also written inside the notebook. 

A second notebook contained several hand-written notes including the full rifleman's creed, several quotes from Full Metal Jacket, and "I am a Marine I am not Caleb Sharpe!" 

A longer note in the second notebook read: "Caleb Sharpe is a stupid fat f*** that can never get anything right! I am nameless I am the true spirit of the f***** known as Caleb Sharpe that stupid b**** is to (sic) soft to do what I am going to he is an ugly piece of s*** that shouldn't be alive. I am the one who deserves to live, but I still need Caleb until I kill all of those f******* kids. Then Caleb will finaly (sic) die while I live on even if it is in prison I will live on. Semper Fi. Common sense!"

Another note listed previous school shooters. 

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In previous documents, Sharpe told detectives he shot up the school to teach a lesson to people on what happens when you bully others. 

Sharpe also told detectives he began watching documentaries on school shootings about Columbine and Sandy Hook a year prior to the shooting at Freeman. 

Sharpe told detectives his anger had been building up at people for months, even years and he had been thinking about "doing this for two years." 

Sharpe told detectives after he shot Sam Strahan, he "didn't really care if he was dead or anything" and began firing down the hall into a crowd of what he estimated was about fifteen students huddled by lockers. 

After Sharpe's handgun malfunctioned, he tossed it aside and was then confronted by school janitor Joe Bowen who yelled at him to "get down on the damn ground" to which Sharpe replied, "Okay." 

Sharpe also told detectives he planned on going to jail and denied having any suicidal thoughts. 

"Sharpe said the plan went exactly as intended," according to documents. 

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