Spokane neighbors shocked after dogs pepper sprayed

Spokane neighbors shocked after dogs pepper sprayedTwo families are still shocked after they say someone sprayed their dogs with pepper spray. This happened on Saturday night around 9 p.m. near Hays Park.

Eric Eitzman says he was inside his home when he heard his dog and his neighbor’s dogs start barking. He opened the door and his dog ran inside. That’s when his daughter grabbed the dog and said she smelled.

“Then all of a sudden, all of us started gasping for air,” he says.

He ran outside and saw three people, around high school age, running off. He tried to chase them down, but they got away on Crestline. He then went to his neighbor’s house and knocked on their door. Kelsey Williams answered.

She says he was saying, ”our dogs got sprayed. Our dogs got sprayed!”

She saw her dogs with red eyes, slobbering all over themselves. Thankfully, the dogs are all okay now after they’ve been cleaned off, but what’s disturbing is that the dogs and their fences were completely soaked in what seems to be pepper spray.

“It's not right,” Kelsey says.

That’s because for Kelsey, her dogs are just like her boys.

“I would've never thought that someone would've sprayed our dog or tried anything to hurt our dog,” she says.

And for Eric, the dog means so much to his daughter.

“That was my daughter’s service dog. She has disabilities and she cannot be without a dog,” he says. “That dog means everything to us.”

So they’re asking that if you know anything, call SCRAPS about this immediately. They’ve made a report to them.

(story: Katie Chen; photo: KHQ.com)

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