Volunteers make bracelets for Freeman Victims


SPOKANE, Wash. -There's a new fundraising effort to help the victims of the shooting at Freeman High School.

About a dozen volunteers, many with ties to the school, came together on Tuesday night to make metal bracelets. They hammered the words "Freeman Strong" onto the front, with a volleyball and a cheerleading megaphone on the sides -- since the three girls who were wounded in the shooting were on the school's volleyball or cheerleading team.

On the inside, they say "Sam," honoring the student who died, Sam Strahan.

The organizer, Noel Rademacher, says she took almost 300 orders from Freeman High School families and alumni, but the volunteers worked to make around 500 bracelets. The group plans to sell all the bracelets that are left over, for $10 each.

Rademacher's husband, Thomas, who works at Sacred Heart, took it upon himself to purchase and donate all of the supplies to the fundraiser -- so every cent of what they make selling the bracelets will go directly to the victims of the shooting.

If you'd like to buy one, you can do that at Lucky Vintage and Pretty Things on Inland Empire Way for one day only -- this Friday, September 22nd from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. That's the only time, at least until the local craft stores restock their supplies. If and when that happens, we'll update you.

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