Man accused of killing Cheney man confesses in interview


SPOKANE, Wash. -The man who admitted to kidnapping and then killing a stranger outside a Cheney marijuana shop gave a full confession to KHQ's Hayley Guenthner as he sat behind bars. Donavon Culps said he shot victim Cameron Smith "three or four times" after he felt Smith was "disrespectful" to him. Police said it was a "random act of violence."

"I was having a bad day, a very bad day," Culps said. "He got the ugly side of it."

The crime occurred on September 10th outside the Lucid marijuana store where Smith worked. Smith was just enjoying his lunch break inside his vehicle when he crossed paths with Culps.

"I didn't walk over there to kill him, I went over to fight him," Culps said.

Culps had been kicked out of Lucid because he didn't have proper identification. Although Smith wasn't even inside when Culps was asked to leave the store, he took his anger out on him.

"I did not think about it, I just pulled out the gun and shot him," Culps said.

Culps said Smith died shortly after he stole the car and shot at him. He took us through what he did next.

"I dumped the body, I dumped the car, then I went home," he said.

Culps sits in the Spokane County Jail facing a variety of charges. 

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