Search warrant on Freeman shooting suspect's locker, home

Freeman HSA newly filed search warrant, specifically for the Freeman School shooting suspect's high school locker and home, is revealing more information about what led up to those tragic events of Wednesday, September 13th, and what immediately followed.

The Search Warrant begins with a description of the events immediately after the shooting. A Sheriff's Deputy was one of the first responders on scene. He describes seeing at least one unfired handgun, along with numerous fired cartridge cases scattered on the floor. He also says the hallway was covered in a trail of unknown white powder. He says he identified several victims, and saw blood stains all over the hallway.

According to the search warrant, Caleb Sharpe was interviewed by a detective following the shooting. He told the detective that he has suffered bullying from fellow students. He said he's been in the care of a school counselor and mental health professional for suicidal thoughts. He says that's what prompted his temporary suspension from school.

He also said he knew the combination to his father's gun safe, and decided to bring several guns to school in a black duffel bag. He walked up to the second floor of Freeman High School, dropped the duffel bag and removed an assault rifle. He tried to load several rounds into it, but the gun jammed. He says several students saw what he was doing and told him he was going to get into trouble for it.

He decided to ditch the assault rifle and pulled a handgun from his coat. He walked up to a fellow student, Sam Strahan, and shot him. Sharpe denies he was targeting anyone in particular, instead saying he wanted to teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully other people.

Once he shot Sam Strahan, he says he continued to fire into a crowd of students, believing he hit three people, including a blonde female.

The search warrant goes on to say a teacher, whose classroom is nearby, exited that room and saw Caleb Sharpe with his hands above his head, surrendering to a custodian who was ordering him to stand down.

The search warrant also says Sharpe kept a written journal in a blue notebook. A close friend of Sharpe's says he constantly bragged about owning multiple pistols, and making improvised explosive devices out of various chemicals. Sharpe's mother told detectives that she found a suicide note written by Caleb in their home. It was written a week before the shooting.

The search warrant also lists several items found in Caleb Sharpe's bedroom. Detectives say they found a yearbook with faces X'd out and a notation that says "X=Kill". They also found some handwritten pages titled "My First Novel". They found a notebook manifesto and what they describe as a practice molotov cocktail, hidden under clothes in a closet.

Detectives also found multiple tablets, computers, cameras, bullets, holsters and firearms.

(story: Luke Thoburn, KHQ News Producer; photo:

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