Two Spokane Police Officers struck by vehicle


SPOKANE, Wash. - Two Spokane Police Officers were investigating a suspicious vehicle at a local motel. During the investigation, the suspect attempted to speed away from them. Both Officers were struck by the vehicle and received minor injuries. There was a short vehicle pursuit, which was brought to an end by use of a PIT maneuver and the suspect was arrested.

Just after 11pm on September 14th, Officer Zimmerman and Officer Mohondro were at the Econolodge motel, located at 1503 S Rustle. The Officers located a suspicious vehicle at the location that they thought could be stolen. They approached the vehicle to investigate further. The only occupant, who was later identified as 28 year old Blaine Arnold, started the car up. Both Officers told Arnold to shut the car off. Arnold instead put the vehicle in gear and attempted to flee the area. As Arnold drove away, he struck both Officers with his vehicle.

Ofc Zimmerman and Mohondro both received minor injuries from being hit by the vehicle. Both of them were able to get into their patrol cars and catch up to Arnold. They attempted to pull Arnold over, who instead sped off. Arnold lead Officers on a pursuit down the Sunset Hwy. Arnold turned south onto Maple St. Ofc Mohondro was able to use a PIT maneuver to stop the vehicle. Even after the vehicle spun out, Arnold still rammed one of the Police vehicles in an attempt to get away. Shortly after, enough back up units were able to arrive and Arnold was taken into custody.

Officers were able to later determine that the vehicle had been reported stolen. Officers were also able to see drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle. Arnold will be facing 3 counts of 2nd degree assault on Police Officers, Attempting to Elude a Police vehicle and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

This was a dangerous situation that could have had a very different ending. Officer Mohondro and Zimmerman were “just” investigating a suspicious vehicle and in the matter of a couple seconds they were faced with a potentially life threatening situation. Luckily both of them were not seriously injured, were able to regain their composure and bring this dangerous situation to a safe end.

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