Spokane woman offers warning after attempted carjacking


SPOKANE, Wash. -A woman has a warning for people to lock their cars after a terrifying experience while she was making a quick stop at the grocery store.

Teresa McDonald says she went to the Safeway in Hillyard to grab a few things. She was waiting in her car in the parking lot as her family went inside. Then, she noticed four people walking her direction.

“The one guy grabbed my handle like this. My door was locked at the time and when the door was locked he then reached in and that was when I said something to him,” she says.

She says he pulled his arm away and then said to her, “oh it looks like your tire’s flat. It might have a screw in it.”

She says she knew there was nothing wrong with her tire. Her low tire pressure light wasn’t even on. She knew she had to get away.

“It was obvious he was up to no good. Who walks up to a strange car and tries the door handle?”

Then, the man reached in his arm again. She hit the gas and took off. She picked up her kids, left, and called police immediately.

“Somebody who would not have had their door locked or something like that it definitely would've been an even more scary situation,” she says.

So she hopes others can be safe and aware.

“Keep your doors locked. Be aware of your surroundings. Know who's approaching your vehicle or know who might be around. Don't park where you're blocked in by another vehicle and you can't see who might be approaching,” Teresa says.

She says they were driving an old mid-90s white Nissan Sentra. If you know anything, call Crime Check immediately.

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