Court docs: horrific details of Spokane kidnapping

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Court documents released Monday are offering more details about what happened at a Spokane venue that got a Polish metal band called Decapitated arrested in Santa Ana, California, on kidnapping charges.

According to the documents, a woman and her friend were at The Pin in Spokane to see a concert. The victim told police that when the concert was over, she and her friend went back into the bar to try to get photos with their favorite band's drummer. After the photos were taken, that band left and the two woman stuck around to talk to members from Decapitated. That's when members of the band invited the two women back to their bus to have beers and talk, according to the documents.

According to the documents, the victim told police she was excited to be on the bus until one of the band members began grabbing her inappropriately. Then she said the vibe on the bus changed and "one of the members began looking at them like they were prey."

The victim went to the bathroom, and according to the documents, one band member came into the bathroom and began kissing her, but when he started trying to take off her pants she told him to stop and that she had a boyfriend and wanted to leave. The band member told the victim that her friend had left. The victim later told police she couldn't believe what was happening and that her friend had left her, according to the documents.

She said she could see the doorway to the bathroom was blocked by other members of the band and "knew it was going to be a fight" to leave.

The victim told police she was raped by all four members of the band before she was carried off the bus, according to the documents. She attempted to call several family members and friends before she called police and was taken to the hospital. Officers looked for the tour bus, but the band had already left for the next show on their tour.

The documents say Los Angeles County detectives were able to conduct follow up interviews with the band members.  One band member admitted that sex acts did occur on the bus according the documents, but that no one forced the women on the bus.

The band's attorney released a statement Monday stating, "Decapitated plan to fully fight the allegations that have been brought against them and are confident that their side of the story will be heard."

Now all four band members are in LA County Jail facing kidnapping charges waiting to be extradited back to Spokane.

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