Family fears for children's safety after branches fall


AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. -A family is terrified of a tree after they say branches repeatedly fall on their property. They fear if this continues, one of their children will be hit next.

Bruce Eldred says his kids, and now grandkids are his whole world. He's constantly worried about their safety, especially with massive tree branches literally hanging over his head.

"If they were out here and a branch were to break off, they wouldn't know to jump out of the way like an adult would," Bruce said.

But he fears these branches, fall so fast, there might not be time.

"I don’t want to die in my front yard just because I have a shade tree," he said.

Bruce has photos, dating back months documenting his fears. Back in May, a large branch landed on his car. Before that, another big one hit his truck. This time, it's his roof.

"I was standing out there just before it came down (back in May,)" he said.

Bruce owns his trailer, but not the land. He said when he approached the property owner about his concerns it didn't go well.

"Deal with it," he said. "That is what I was told."

So he said, "help me Hayley." She got right to it, calling the owner herself.

"You were here on Saturday, by Tuesday afternoon they were here when I came home."

Both the property owner and an arborist met with Bruce to explain their plan of attack to get the family feeling safe again.

"It makes me feel good now that they are on it," he said. 

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