Police recover guns and ammo from drive-by shooter

recovered guns and ammo from drive-by shooter


Spokane Police say a search warrant was served on the seized truck Tuesday night. Officers recovered two rifles, a loaded .40 caliber semi automatic handgun and a .38 caliber revolver, 33 high capacity rifle magazines and over 4,000 rounds of ammunition.

Spokane drive-by shooter vehicle

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Spokane Police say they arrested a drive-by shooter Tuesday afternoon. It happened around 2:30 p.m. when a Spokane City Street Department employee reported witnessing the shooting near Sinto Avenue and Napa Street. The employee was able to provide a vehicle description.

Officers arrived on scene and interviewed witnesses but did not find the vehicle. Police say it does not appear anyone was injured from the gunfire. Officers didn't find any damaged structures either.

About 30 minutes after the initial incident, a citizen near 3rd and Freya reported that a person fired a gun from a vehicle. The citizen provided a picture of the vehicle including a clear view of the license plate. 

Several patrol officers searched for the vehicle. Officer J. Willard located the truck driving in the area of 11th Avenue and Ray Street. The vehicle tried to take off, but was pulled over several blocks away and the driver was taken into custody. 

The truck was seized and will be held while officers obtain a search warrant to look for firearms.

22-year-old Benjamin D. Rowbotham was arrested for two counts of drive-by shooting and booked into the Spokane County Jail.

Spokane Police would like to thank the alert citizen who had the thought and ability to safely take a picture of the truck.

(story:  Matt Pusatory, KHQ Local News Web Producer, KHQ.com; photos: Spokane Police Department)

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