Spokane woman helps save airman's family in Houston


SPOKANE, Wash. -For M'Liss Bush, she spends her now retired life watching out for her brothers and sisters-in-arms on social media.

"With the military, that's your family," Bush said.Bush played a crucial role at Fairchild Air Force Base as a Unit Program Coordinator.

That's a one-person human resources department, IT manager, healthcare coordinator, and den mother all rolled into one.And all that training came back in a flash a few days ago when she was scrolling through her Facebook and saw one of her former Airman was in peril.

"His concern of his family being stuck in Houston and not being able to get help or anything," Bush said.The Airman is now stationed in Italy so she jumped in to help.

"We just started texting back and forth and I asked him for his address and if there were any health concerns," she said.While texting back and forth, Bush found out his grandmother has heart disease and diabetes.

She then received pictures of his grandmother's home, the roof had collapsed from all the rain. Bush says she saw a number that CNN had posted and she got ahold of them.

"They gave me another list of numbers so I said I'm just going to start from the top to the bottom and the first number I got like a dispatch, like emergency dispatch," Bush said, "and I told them the story of airmen Coleman and his families situation and they said they were going to put this top priority.

"Little did she know, she says she got a call 20 minutes later from the Coast Guard."They were going to send a sheriff out to determine how they would get her out, whether it was air rescue or car to water to wherever," she said.

Bush says the last she heard from Airman Coleman was that a sheriff's deputy was at the door assessing the situation.

"I know what diabetes is all about and heart failure because I lost my mother and my husband is diabetic, I'm not going to let grandma suffer," Bush Said.

But Bush didn't just do it for grandma."He (Airman Coleman) means the world to me and I would do that for any airmen," she said.

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