How to help Harvey victims


SPOKANE, Wash. -When people see the images of Tropical Storm Harvey in Texas, they want to help in any way they can.

Nationally, the Red Cross has been inundated online, with volunteers trying to sign up. Their website has slowed down because normally they have 50 applications an hour to help a natural disaster, but it jumped to 700 applications an hour.

Megan Snow, American Red Cross Executive Director in the Greater Inland Northwest, says they already have four volunteers headed to Texas.

But how can you help from home?

There have been pop up donation sites you may have found online, looking for money or even donations in clothes or food.        

Megan Snow says in any given disaster, money is always what they need. "A cash donation to any of the charities you select. Any reputable charity," said Snow.

She says the problem with trying to donate clothes or food, is trying to get it over to Texas and figuring out where the donations need to go.

"We know what we need in those shelters. We might need more diapers in one and more elderly support in the other. We can then use that money to invest into the economy around that hasn't been affected so we're starting to simulate the economy by purchasing what we need right then and there," said Snow.

Click here for more information on vetted sources for places that you can donate:

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