City spends $150,000 to drive out homeless under I-90


SPOKANE, Wash. -The City of Spokane continues its efforts to clean up the homeless population. They’re latest attempt: Rocks.

The city has spent $150,000 on landscaping, which includes dumping a ton of rocks underneath Interstate 90.

In a press release, the city stated it’s “A hard core attempt to make the ground so uncomfortable that no one wants to sit or sleep underneath the interstate.”

The press release also stated that this year the City plans to spend $120,000 paying Geiger inmates to clean up after campers who are shedding an average 800 pounds of garbage every day. 

According to business owners in the area, 4th Avenue and McClellan Street has become a default hangout for dozens of people experiencing homelessness.

They say littering, public urination, and crime have increased in the area.

City officials say since they’re now paying the house of charity to keep its doors open 24/7 these campers have a place to get out of the weather and shouldn’t be parked under the interstate.

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