Spokane man sentenced for child rape & molestation

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47-year-old Troy L. Steenhard (AKA: Bloor) was sentenced to a minimum of 285 months (23 years, 9 months) in prison after a jury found him guilty of Rape of a Child and two counts of Child Molestation last month, according to the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.

Steenhard was arrested earlier this year by Sexual Assault Detective Rob Satake on Valentine's Day this year after a 2-month long investigation. 

The investigation began in December of 2016, after allegations were reported to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, Steenhard sexually abused two young children he was hired to babysit.   

According to the documents, Steenhard was hired to babysit two preschool-aged children in north Spokane County in April and May of 2016. After the mother of the twins didn't need his help as a babysitter anymore, she heard rumors that Steenhard had previously been accused of inappropriate behavior. Then, in late December, one of the girls told her mom that, "Troy's a bad man. He touched us in our privates," according to the documents.

Court documents say that the girls told investigators that Bloor asked the children to touch his privates and when they said no, he told them they had to do it because he was the boss while their mom was at work. He reportedly told the girls not to tell anyone about what happened because it was a secret and they would be grounded if they told.

(story and image: KHQ.com)

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