Post Falls Police clear out recovered bicycles


POST FALLS, Idaho -We always see the Post Falls Police Department post about somebody turning in a missing or found bike and we wanted to find what's being done after it's turned in.

After they are turned in, they sit at a bike rack at the Post Falls Police Department waiting desperately for their owner to come get them.

Shannon Coder, an evidence technician with the department, says the summer is when they receive the most amounts of bikes.

“We have taken in 51 bikes so far this year,” Coder said.

She says people loss them for whatever reason, but they’ll hold onto the bikes for 90 days.

“After 90 days if they are not claimed they go to auction,” she said.

The easiest way to get your bike back is to have it registered with the police department, similar to that of having your car registered.

“Bring your bike in, we'll run your serial number and see if it's valid and not stolen and then we can license your bike for you,” Coder said, “that way if your bike ever does become stolen we can get it back to you."

The best part of getting your bike registered, it's free and if you want to go and find your bike check the Post Falls Police Department's Facebook page.

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