Flagger nearly hit during three-car crash on Hwy 195


WHITMAN COUNTY, Wash. -One person is in the hospital following a three-car crash on Highway 195 in Whitman County Wednesday.

The crash happened seven miles north of Colfax when a driver didn’t stop for traffic.

“I just threw my stop sign down and turned to run to safety,” said Tamar Arcano. “I was just standing here flagging and I had my stop sign out and the gentleman in the van came to a complete stop. Then I looked up and saw that the truck was not slowing down. He was going pretty fast and went full bore into the back of the van.”

Arcano got to safety in the nick of time. She could have been pinned between the van and her parked car if she didn’t get out of the way.

“I hit the dirt and then I came over to check on injuries,” said Arcano. “Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.”

Arcano and another man helped pull an unconscious driver to safety after smelling gasoline.

The Washington State Patrol in investigating the crash. They say early reports indicate distracted driving is the cause.

The extent of one of the drivers injuries are unknown at this time. 

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