Colbert elementary school's plan without air-conditioning


COLBERT, Wash. -In one week, students in the Mead School District will return to the classroom.

At Midway Elementary School, things will look a lot different; the school is currently being renovated.

“A lot has happened over the summer,” said Principal Josh Westermann. “It’s really an incredible thing we’re going through and it’s going to be tough at times. We’ll make it through and come out good in the end.”

Due to the construction, some students won’t have air-conditioning, and temperatures could reach the mid-90s by next week.

There are 10 portable classrooms that do have A-C units and will be used during the schools renovation.

But for the 17 classrooms that don’t have A-C, Westermann has a plan.

“It's nice this time of year and it gets really cool at night, so all that cool air is sucked into the building,” said Westermann. “As soon as the temperatures rise a little they will turn that off so we still have fans circulate that cool air inside, but we're not pulling in that outside hot air anymore.”

Westermann also says they have portable A-C units on site that are ready to use in case they are needed. He says the safety of all the students is the schools number one priority.

Midway is getting a new kitchen, multi-purpose room, and additional classrooms. The estimated completion of the project is the fall of 2018.

You can learn more about it here.

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