Volunteer firefighter's gear stolen on the job


STEVENS COUNTY, WA - A volunteer firefighter lieutenant has fallen victim to a thief. He was recruiting more firefighters for his fire station when someone stole his gear right out of his truck.

It happened at one of the Stevens County fire district stations, just off of Swenson Road in Williams Valley. He says about $1,200 worth of stuff was stolen, both the districts and some personal items.

Brian Ferrante says this happened on Sunday between 10:30am and 3:00pm. He came to the Stevens County Fire District 1 Station 3 to grab a rig to bring to the Clayton fair. He wanted to show families what kind of equipment they have and wanted to try and recruit firefighters. He left behind his own truck at the station.

When he came back hours later, he noticed his toolbox in the bed of his truck was open and items were missing. "It's still extremely frustrating. There's things that I now have to replace on my own, there's things that the district has to get replaced so I can continue doing my job for them."

Those items include a red wildland pack, a fire shelter, wildland gloves, a tool kit, and a backpack with different chainsaw accessories.

If you saw anything or see any of the listed equipment, you are asked to call the Stevens County Sheriff's Office at (509) 684-5296.

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