Nurse shares message for family that lost mother


SPOKANE, Wash. -A nurse has a message for the family who lost a mother, after she was hit and pinned by a car in a Costco parking lot.

This accident happened on August 16th near Division and Cozza.

KHQ spoke with another woman who said she tried to help, but was turned away. This nurse we spoke to on Sunday, Heather Barfield, wants the family to know that there were people helping, including Costco employees, and she says no one prevented this woman from getting care.

Barfield was there with her kids to return some items when she heard cries for people to call 911. A woman and her child had been his by a car in the parking lot.

Barfield looked at the man behind the counter, “I said ‘I’m a nurse. Do you want me to go take a look at what I can do?’ And he said yes, please.”

She ran outside and saw the woman who had been hit. She immediately went to the car and kneeled down to speak with the woman under the car. Another nurse appeared and helped too. Heather says a Costco employee was on the phone with 911 relaying information. She says other employees were helping control traffic and doing what they could to get help for this woman.

Heather says the fire department arrived quickly.

“They had that car up and gone. They were amazing and they immediately took care of this woman,” she says.

Heather mainly wants the family to know that everyone worked hard.

“They did everything they could to get help to this woman,” she says.

The accident is still under investigation. 

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