Mom speaks out after daughter injured on fair ride


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -A Coeur d'Alene mom is speaking out about a scary situation that took place at the North Idaho Fair. A freak accident had her little girl screaming for help on one of the fair's rides. We received dozens of calls and messages after the mom posted photos of what happened to social media. The woman says she was left in shock.

Candace Jones and her family went out to the North Idaho State Fair for some family fun. Her daughter Lexi was about to go down a slide, but something happened.

"I called up to her to see if she was OK and she screamed down and said. 'No Momma, help me,'" said Jones.

The man watching over the ride helped Lexi off the slide after she got caught on something. As Jones got closer all she could see was her daughter covered in blood.

“I lifted up her shirt to where the blood was coming from and she had a huge gouge on her rib cage," Jones said.,

Something on the slide had cut into her ribs. Candace rushed little Lexi over to the medical tent where EMTs cleaned the wound and put Band-Aids on to stop the bleeding.

They would eventually take her here to a nearby urgent care facility where she would get six stitches to close the wound.

Kootenai County Fairgrounds general manager Alexcia Jordan said they were taking no chances in having this happen again to anyone else.

“We do have the power to shut the ride down and we were able to do so [Saturday] morning before we opened,” she said.

Lexi is now recovering at home. Jones said she was pleased with the help her daughter received. 

"The manager of the fairgrounds was absolutely wonderful she was very compassionate and very helpful," Jones Said

The owner of the ride, Riley Cook of Greenland Carnival, said that he is very sorry that this happened to Lexi and that they will continue to inspect the ride. 

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