Expert explains Halloween marketing


SPOKANE, Wash. -With temperatures expected to reach the 90's this weekend, it may not feel like the end of summer. But in a few short weeks, the season will be shifting to fall.

While summer is winding down, Halloween is still more than two months away. But costume and decorative stores are already starting to pop up in the Inland Northwest.

“It all takes time,” said Creative Director at Rainmaker, Todd Zyph. “It's not a flip of a switch, it's not summer here fall tomorrow, there's a transition.”

Zyph says the reason we’re already seeing pumpkin spiced latte’s and Halloween stores is all about business strategy.

“There's something to be said about ‘first to market’ Halloween, said Zyph. “If you're first and your driving down the road you say ‘hey lets check out what's happening in there.’ It’s a nice change of pace. You've been looking at sandy beaches and shorts all summer. It's like a change of the season and I think people get excited for that.”

Zyph also says marketing for Halloween costumes and other fall products so early are beneficial to businesses when the peak of the season arrives.

“If you're running a marketing campaign early in the season by doing a little testing and seeing what’s working, then when the marketing is at it's peak you got your best campaign sorted out and are hitting the public at that point,” said Zyph.

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