Man charged with murder of Spokane girlfriend


SPOKANE, Wash. -A man convicted of killing his former teacher in King County in 1994 has been arrested and charged with murdering his girlfriend in Spokane. 

Darrell Cloud was convicted of the murdering his former teacher, Neal Summers, near a north Seattle school after shooting him in the back. Cloud originally pleaded innocent by reason of insanity in Summers' murder, claiming Summers sexually abused him when he was a student. Cloud was found guilty of the murder, but also awarded $250,000 in damage by another jury for the sexual abuse. 

Cloud was released from prison in 2003 and moved to Spokane. 

Nine years later on April 5, 2012, someone drove a comatose woman, Candy Fealy to Deaconess Hospital, gave her purse to a security and left. Fealy had injuries to her left eye, a bruised chin and a number of bruises on her body from head to toe. Upon examination, doctors determined Fealy had a blood clot in her brain and  multiple facial fractures.

Neighbors told detectives at the time that two days prior to being dropped off at the hospital, they heard a fight between Cloud and Fealy. A fight that ended with a thud. 

Detectives contacted Cloud who told them Candy's injuries were from a recent bar fight. 

Detectives then interviewed Candy, who could not speak but was able to point to "yes" or "no" visuals. 

When asked if she remembered how she got her brain injury, Fealy touched the paper in between "yes" and "no". When asked if Cloud was responsible for her head injury, Fealy again pointed in between "yes" and "no". When asked if Cloud hit her, Fealy pointed to "yes". 

On top of the conviction for murder, Cloud's criminal history included a 2009 arrest for assaulting Fealy. The charges were later dropped.

Cloud was never charged with assault on Fealy in 2012 and at some point moved back to the west side. 

On July 29, 2016, Candy Fealy died. Dr. Sally Aiken with the Spokane County Medical Examiner's Office attributed her death to "bilateral lobar pneumonia: methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus due to complication of remote right subdural hemorrhage and brain contusions." The manner of Fealy's death was ruled as a homicide, four years after she received her initial injuries. 

Last week, according to court records, a 2nd Degree Murder charge was filed against Cloud in connection to Fealy's death. Cloud was arrested in King County and will be shipped over to Spokane County to face the charge. 

It is unknown why Cloud was never charged in connection to Fealy's assault, and why a year after her death he now is now being charged with murdering her, but KHQ is looking into the case and we will update you as soon as more information becomes available. 

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