Hillyard family finds mystery ashes in Chinese lantern

SPOKANE, Wash. -Tuesday a mystery landed in the front of a Hillyard family's home and it came from above.

"I thought it was a garbage sack that fell out the back of somebody's truck," said Steven O'Neel.

But it wasn't. It was something quite different.

O'Neel says what he found Tuesday was a Chinese lantern with an inscription on the inside that read, "Su, as the moon and sun become one, your spirit is one with them. Love you, Mad Dog."

And that wasn't all. Inside the lantern was a small bag of what O'Neel believes are cremated ashes. He says he has no idea where the lantern came from, but it is  one of the strangest things to ever happen to him and his family.

"I felt like we need to figure out where they need to go, who sent them off," O'Neel said. "They don't need to be landing in the middle of Hillyard. They probably want them in a beautiful place."

O'Neel is now hoping whoever sent this lantern into the sky will recognize it and can send it off again.

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