Ruby Ridge standoff remembered 25 years later


HAYDEN, Idaho -Barely a sound, just the occasional train or a passing car about every five minutes.A far cry from 25 years ago when protestors, supporters of the Weaver and Harris family, and media from across the country stood at the road block at the entrance of Ruby Creek Road.

As the water flows in the creek next to the road, so do people trying to come up and see the cabin.Fewer now than before, since sneaking across the private meadow entrance would be trespassing.

But, Laurie Doering remembers going up there."Had dinner with them at their home, they were great people," Doering said.

Doering remembers the Weavers from her time spent working at the Deep Creek Inn."They came in there a lot," she said, "Sara, their oldest daughter, actually used to babysit my two youngest when they were little."Doering remembers waiting at the road block.

"Some days it could be last week, other days it seems like it happened forever ago," she said.But as years go by, she doesn't dwell on the tragic history."I try to remember them as they were," Doering said.

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