Good Samaritans save woman from verbal attack


SPOKANE, Wash. -Evanlene Melting Tallow wanted to hit the centennial trail for a bike ride and train for her next cycling event. When she got to the end of the trail near Argonne road in Spokane Valley, what happened next left her in shock.  

"He looked up and as soon as he seen me oh my gosh he started yelling," she said. "Telling me to learn English and go back where I came from and a piece of dirt and all this other stuff," she said.

Evanlene is Native American and says this man attacked her because of the color of her skin.

"It's not okay for this to happen to me it's not okay to insult me it's not okay to try to harm me because the way I look."

Evanlene turned her bike around and started to peddle as fast as she could to get away from the man who was attacking her. With no one around, Melting Tallow was in fear that the man was going to catch up to her until she came across a couple who were also riding the trail. That's when Evanlene found Terri Little and his wife.

"She came up and says 'sir can I stand by you can I be by you' and I said 'sure'.  I could tell she had a very frightened distraught look on her face," Little said.

About a minute later that's when the man on the bike road by and was still shouting at her. Some of it was recorded on Melting Tallow's cell phone.

They called the police who are investigating the incident. Melting Tallow gave a blanket to the Little's to express her gratitude.

“Terri and Kelleen put themselves in harm's way and protected me."

Melting Tallow describes the man as a white male having a shaved head with no facial hair no shirt and black shorts. 

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