Dog lost during windstorm returns home two years later


SPOKANE, Wash. -When Spokane was hit by a massive windstorm back in 2015, it took its toll on many people. But one family was hit extra hard. 

During the storm Shanley Heinsma's son let her dog Shadow out of the house, that was the last time she saw her.

Heinsma started posting lost pet ads on Facebook and put posters up around town hoping that someone would notice her.

"There were a few people on Facebook throughout the two years that she was gone that really, really helped," Henisma said.

But it wasn't until last Wednesday that she saw a post of a missing husky that looked just like Shadow. Her dog had very distinctive markings and while Heinsma thought there was a chance, she still had her doubts.

“I told my fiance, I'm like, there's just no way right? It's been so long."

But after comparing photos, she knew it was her. Shadow is now safely back home.

Heinsma has a word of encouragement for others missing their beloved pets, "Other people that lose their animals, don't ever give up,"she said.  "The more you get your word out there the more people that know you're searching."

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