SCRAPS investigating after cat shot with pellet gun


SPOKANE, Wash. -SCRAPS is now investigating the latest in an ongoing string of attacks against cats.     

This time, a cat in Northwest Spokane got shot with a pellet gun, and his owner wants answers.

Sir Gobbles is now hooked up to a chest tube at the pet emergency clinic, draining fluids to make sure he doesn't get an infection.

His owner, Jackque Loverme says the bullet nicked his intestines, hit his liver, spleen and gallbladder, went in and out of his stomach, and got stuck next to his lungs.

Loverme says she's just scared, because she has no idea who would do this.

"To me that's absolutely insane," she said. "I just can't imagine anybody shooting an animal just because. My cat had a harness on him, his tags, it's not like he's a stray cat or anything."

Loverme says from here on out, she won't let any of her cats go outside.

The good news is the vets say Sir Gobbles should recover.

But looking back, this is the third attack on a cat relatively recently in their general area.

Back in June, another cat was shot with a pellet gun near Indiana and Maple. That cat survived.

Last summer, a cat was killed north of Shadle Park, when someone hit it with an arrow.

If you have any information about any of these attacks, please call SCRAPS.

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