Spokane family plans solar eclipse road trip


SPOKANE, Wash. -The eclipse is just one week away. How far would you go to see it at its fullest? Lots of people are traveling to do so, including one Spokane family.

“I heard about the eclipse two years ago,” says Pam Lake. “And we're always looking for fun different things to do."

She and her husband retired this past year, and this is their little mini-vacation to Casper, Wyoming. It’s Pam’s hometown.

“It is a long drive across Montana. We're going to spend the night in Billings. We'll take a trek through Gillette to visit my niece and then be in Casper.”

To deal with the large crowds, “I’m taking my espresso maker because I fell Starbucks will be overrun with people,” she says.

She is excited though.

“We can remember seeing an eclipse in elementary school,” she says. “But it's just one of those once in a lifetime things we can't pass up.”

And already has a T-shirt to commemorate the day to add to her collection.

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