Cheney woman says she was pulled over by fake officer


SPOKANE, Wash. -It sounds like something from a movie: a woman from Cheney was pulled over by who she thought was an undercover officer, only to realize later it was an impersonator. 

It all started in downtown Spokane and police say they are looking for that driver. Police say they take situations like this very seriously. It raises a red flag. The woman from Cheney does not want to be identified after what happen but says she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. "I was so shaken up at that point," she said.

She was in her car at a stoplight in Spokane. "Some gentleman next to me started yelling at me. Our windows were both up. He was swearing at me," she said.

He told her to get off her phone, which she says she was never on to begin with. "He said, 'You want me to pull you over?' I just rolled my window up and drove off." He got behind her and started following her in and out of the freeway. He wasn't letting up.

"When I went to turn my blinker on to get off the freeway, he flipped lights on. He had a Subaru Outback. I was like, 'Oh now I have to pull over, he's obviously an officer.' He got out. He didn't have a uniform on. He came up to my window and started yelling at me for cussing at him and I said, 'I wasn't cussing at you, you were the one swearing at me. Can I see your ID?'" Once I saw his ID, he kind of froze and he stopped yelling at me," she said.

It was laminated and didn't have his name but had a sheriff logo.

So what can you do if you feel like someone you don't think is a legitimate officer pulling you over? Officers say you can pull off into a visible public space. Or if you are really unsure, you can call 911 just to verify if who is pulling you over is real.

In the end, she says he wouldn't give her a ticket and then drove off.

She says this guy never gave his name and was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. The lights were also in the grill of his car. SPD says they don't use Subaru's in their department.

Spokane Police say while this is unusual, it's extremely dangerous for someone to impersonate an officer. Detectives are still trying to find the man who stopped that woman.

If you know anything, you are asked to give Crime Check a call: (509) 456-2233.

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