Spokane solidarity vigil draws crowd


SPOKANE, Wash. -Nationwide, protesters and demonstrators gathered to speak out after a white nationalist rally turned violent in Charlottesville, Virginia and left three people dead and 19 injured. 

Rallies were held in New York, Denver, Seattle and elsewhere Sunday. While some of these rallies sparked violence and arrests themselves,  Spokane's solidarity vigil remained peaceful.

Dozens gathered at the Spokane Tribal Gathering Place in Downtown Spokane for the Spokane Citizens Against Racism event Sunday evening. Organizers say it was important to show solidarity with the people of Charlottesville following the deadly weekend in which a car drove into a group of protesters. 

"It's important for us to be down here today to be seen, to be heard by our city council members, to show solidarity and to stand against  racism. Spokane stands against racism," said organizer Mercy Aguilar. 

Community leaders and members of the community spoke at the vigil Sunday night before observing a moment of silence for the victims in Charlottesville.

You can watch KHQ's live stream coverage of the rally below:

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