Woman offers warning after dog dies from water toxicity


SPOKANE, Wash. -It’s calm, as the water from the Spokane River hits the banks.

On Sunday, Jaimie White and her family were out at the river with their dog, Sasha.

Sasha, White says, was having a great time playing fetch and running around.

“She's one of those that wants to keep going and not stop,” White said.

White says it was getting later in the day when Sasha laid down away from the water.

“She started getting really weak and her back legs gave out and then her eyes just started going back and forth,” she said.

That’s when things started going south.

“I'm pretty sure she had a seizure and then I kept on checking her gums just to see if they were pale and then they were fine and then they started getting pale,” she said.

White says she then rushed Sasha to a vet in Post Falls, but it was too late.

“The doctor came back two minutes later and said that she had passed,” she said.

White says the doctor said Sasha had died from water toxicity.

According to HealthyPets.com, water toxicity could happen if an animal ingests too much water.

She’s heart-broken.

“She was my ring bearer in my wedding just 3-4 weeks ago,” White said.

Now, she’s hoping her message resonates with other pet owners.

“Please give them breaks, give them water, she did have water, but she didn't want anything to do with it and it was too late,” she said.

What makes this story even worse is that White says Sasha was healthy, she had all of her shots, but this could happen to any dog.

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